Spring Has Sprung.. Just!


Upon returning from 30+/40 degrees in Australia to what feels like minus 30+ degrees in Scotland I was feeling a little bit on the miserable side. But it’s hard to be miserable when the daffodils and snowdrops are in bloom!


There are still icicles.. and a lot of snow..


..but it’s the little things that make me smile. The little flashes of colour and signs of life, hopefully marking the end of winter!


Trees and Rooftops

My Sunday began with a rather nasty hangover. A bit too much wine last night with my very good friend whilst we put the world to rights and got inspired with talk of new ideas me thinks! Things got better, however, with the promise of tattie scones and egg from the ‘not quite right range’.


The day continued with a rather terrifying mix of badly placed cones, a mobility scooter on the road and some rather hungover driving. Surprisingly I got to the promised tattie scones in one peace and having hurt no one. And boy did they taste good!

After food a walk in the park was on the cards…


The park, it turns out, has turned into a snowman’s graveyard. It’s a wee bit sad to see all those lumps of melting snow scattered around in the now muddy, sodden grass.

So sticking to the slushy paths, dodging puddles and dog poo, I wandered onwards..


..past some fantastically twisted trees!

Fancy a game of tennis… The court was still white with snow. Was surprised that there was no snowmen lurking here. Untouched snow.. It was so tempting to go make one myself; or at least a cheeky wee snow angel! I restrained myself.. But only because I’d forgotten my gloves and I was quickly losing all feeling in my numb fingers!


The winter sun was setting fast now and was bathed in almost misty looking clouds.. Creations the most gorgeous light for photos.

20130127-175232.jpg 20130127-175259.jpg 20130127-175336.jpg

I love taking my camera for a walk. I love that I never quite know what I’ll find! I also love that the cold fresh air put pay to the last of my grogginess and spinny head!


It’s the little things that make me smile

I promised my friend a while back to write a blog.. I failed horribly! WordPress terrifies me if I’m honest and didn’t even make one post! *hangs head in shame* but it is a new year and I am determined.. So here goes!

This good friend of mine pointed out that one thing she likes about me is that I notice the little things in life.. Maybe more than other people? I dunno. But I love that she noticed this little thing about me! So this blog will be all about the little things I notice along the way.. All the little things that make me smile 🙂

So here is the first thing I want to add.. Footprints in the snow!


I love trying to work out those little feet. Who do they belong to? What were they doing? We’re they happy? Where do they lead? Where were they going?

I also wonder if little prints like these bird feet make the same awesome ‘snow’ noise. You know.. That sound that isn’t crunching but kinda is. That bit of a squeak.. But definitely not that! Maybe it’s more of a creak? Well.. It just sounds like snow doesn’t it! And I love it ^_^