Just What Is It About Trees?

20130211-221416.jpg I just have this thing about trees. I don’t know what it is? I just find them fascinating, intriguing and inspirational.

20130211-221614.jpg Maybe it is their ever changing shapes? The twists and often impossible curves of their branches and trunks?

20130211-221752.jpg And from country to country.. Wow.. How do those shapes just keep getting wilder and more crazy? I love how nature can play with a concept such as a tree and create just so many.. So much.. So fabulous!

20130211-222036.jpg From short and stumpy to tall and gracious.. Green and lush to dry and burnt. They all have that ‘tree thing’.

20130211-222423.jpg If ever feeling a bit uninspired a good tree will always spark something, maybe a drawing? A photo? Or just a ponder? I often ponder about what might be living in the tree.. Birds? Insects? People in tree houses? Or in some moods I can imagine elves and pixies and fairies and other such creatures.. I think this comes from my love of Arthur Rackham’s illustrations (which also inspired many of my tattoos).

20130211-222910.jpg I chuckled the other day as I cycled beneath some trees stuffed full of white squabbling parrots/ gallahs settling down to roost for the night! The whole tree just came alive! Reminded me of some of Quentin Blake’s parrot drawings.. They make me smile too!

20130211-223250.jpg Anyway.. This little lot are a few of the weird and wonderful trees that I have encountered over the last few days, whilst exploring Australia.. I wonder what they will inspire?

20130211-223724.jpg Maybe some more drawings like this one, which has gone on to become the cover of a book..

20130212-195036.jpg 20130212-195210.jpg

The First Cup Is Always The Best

I have been keeping a journal, of sorts, since the start of this year. It’s called the little book of smiles. In it I note all the the things that have made me smile. These things could be a good song (The Black Keys featured yesterday), Something nice someone has said or done, noting that the sun was shining or the birds are making the most lovely noises in the trees.


This morning my first entry has been this little sketch in appreciation of my first cup of tea. Earl Grey (Twinnings because nothing beats it).. With a splash of milk in my favourite mug! Perfect!!


My favourite mug…


…which I am rather proud of as I made it. Well drew on it at least! I’m not that slick on the potter’s wheel!


Meet my little book of smiles.. You should keep one too!