Derelict and Wonderful

I rounded the corner, Nirvana on loud, and nearly crashed the car into a fence when this caught my eye!20140423-182347.jpg

I immediately pulled over and ran up the train track to check this wonderful abandoned wooden train station building. Isn’t it fab! It is going to have to be drawn!20140423-182429.jpg

I can’t believe I’ve not seen this before. I only found it because I took a detour from my usual route because it was a sunny day and I was enjoying the drive.


At what point does derelict become attractive?


At what point does abandoned, derelict and falling apart become appealing, eye catching and almost attractive?

This shop front has slowly been falling apart over the last few years and I kept meaning to take a photo of it.. Because I really quite like its abandoned, once loved, once useful look! Don’t ask me why.. I don’t quite know.. I just like it I guess!

Plus I have a bit of a fascination with derelict buildings and really love when they get to time stage that nature starts to take over…