It’s the little things that make me smile

I promised my friend a while back to write a blog.. I failed horribly! WordPress terrifies me if I’m honest and didn’t even make one post! *hangs head in shame* but it is a new year and I am determined.. So here goes!

This good friend of mine pointed out that one thing she likes about me is that I notice the little things in life.. Maybe more than other people? I dunno. But I love that she noticed this little thing about me! So this blog will be all about the little things I notice along the way.. All the little things that make me smile 🙂

So here is the first thing I want to add.. Footprints in the snow!


I love trying to work out those little feet. Who do they belong to? What were they doing? We’re they happy? Where do they lead? Where were they going?

I also wonder if little prints like these bird feet make the same awesome ‘snow’ noise. You know.. That sound that isn’t crunching but kinda is. That bit of a squeak.. But definitely not that! Maybe it’s more of a creak? Well.. It just sounds like snow doesn’t it! And I love it ^_^