Little Things

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

I’ve just been watching the third of the caterpillars on the kitchen window forming its chrysalis. The other two are a day ahead and already all chrysalised up! It is fascinating… Mum’s not so enamoured as they did also demolish all her pretty flowers for their last meals, he he! There was a caterpillar crawling up the window with an actual round tummy! He was my fav!

You can watch him here: The Very Hungry Caterpillar


Dear Daughter…

‘Dear Daughter, I found this and knew you’d like it! Luv Dad xxx’

My dad went off exploring and found this toy in a tree. He knew I’d find it beautiful. I have been fascinated since childhood with how nature will eventually reclaim its space by assimilating objects that us humans leave behind. This cuddly toy is slowly becoming part of the tree… How wonderful!

An Autumn Wander In The Woods

I love Autumn, especially in Big Tree Country.

It is a bit sad that summer is finally over but the slight chill to the air makes everything seem so crisp and clear. The rain washes everything clean and brings out the most amazing smells in the forest. It also tops the river up so that the salmon can swim back up to spawn.

The light is wonderful for taking photos, especially of all the wonderful toadstools and mushrooms that are emerging out of the ground just now. They create miniature landscapes, gatherings that could be tiny dwellings and have the most intriguing shapes. Just crying out to be drawn and documented in some way.

Here are some photos from my wanders around the Hermitage in Dunkeld, Scotland. One of my favourite places to be…

Fairy Toadstool lineup Fairy Toadstools IMG_7136 IMG_7137 IMG_7138 IMG_7145 IMG_7152 IMG_7154 IMG_7157 IMG_7163 IMG_7165

Ossian’s Cave is really wonderful. I was told that a hermit used to live here when I was a child!IMG_7168 IMG_7169 IMG_7178

The folly looks out onto the waterfall. The noise of the water is incredible and the spray often hits your face when the river is full.

IMG_7180 Saucer shroomsIMG_7184 IMG_7185 IMG_7186 IMG_7306 IMG_7307 IMG_7308

The blaeberries and ferns are changing into the most fantastic colours now..

IMG_7310 IMG_7311 IMG_7313

One of my favourite ‘shroom finds this autumn. Aren’t they wonderful ^_^IMG_7315 IMG_7316 IMG_7318 IMG_7320 IMG_7321 IMG_7322 IMG_7323 IMG_7324 IMG_7326 IMG_7327 IMG_7328 IMG_7330

Toadstool lineup

Spring Has Sprung.. Just!


Upon returning from 30+/40 degrees in Australia to what feels like minus 30+ degrees in Scotland I was feeling a little bit on the miserable side. But it’s hard to be miserable when the daffodils and snowdrops are in bloom!


There are still icicles.. and a lot of snow..


..but it’s the little things that make me smile. The little flashes of colour and signs of life, hopefully marking the end of winter!

The First Cup Is Always The Best

I have been keeping a journal, of sorts, since the start of this year. It’s called the little book of smiles. In it I note all the the things that have made me smile. These things could be a good song (The Black Keys featured yesterday), Something nice someone has said or done, noting that the sun was shining or the birds are making the most lovely noises in the trees.


This morning my first entry has been this little sketch in appreciation of my first cup of tea. Earl Grey (Twinnings because nothing beats it).. With a splash of milk in my favourite mug! Perfect!!


My favourite mug…


…which I am rather proud of as I made it. Well drew on it at least! I’m not that slick on the potter’s wheel!


Meet my little book of smiles.. You should keep one too!

It’s the little things that make me smile

I promised my friend a while back to write a blog.. I failed horribly! WordPress terrifies me if I’m honest and didn’t even make one post! *hangs head in shame* but it is a new year and I am determined.. So here goes!

This good friend of mine pointed out that one thing she likes about me is that I notice the little things in life.. Maybe more than other people? I dunno. But I love that she noticed this little thing about me! So this blog will be all about the little things I notice along the way.. All the little things that make me smile 🙂

So here is the first thing I want to add.. Footprints in the snow!


I love trying to work out those little feet. Who do they belong to? What were they doing? We’re they happy? Where do they lead? Where were they going?

I also wonder if little prints like these bird feet make the same awesome ‘snow’ noise. You know.. That sound that isn’t crunching but kinda is. That bit of a squeak.. But definitely not that! Maybe it’s more of a creak? Well.. It just sounds like snow doesn’t it! And I love it ^_^