What Is It About Cockroaches?

I have travelled through many countries, past many creatures, critters and bugs but nothing EVER prepares me for a roach! I was less phased by a Red Back Spider last year! We even went bull ant and snake hunting in the bush cos I was disappointed to have encountered none! But nothing touches these greasy looking.. Durty little.. Beefed up.. thunderbird-Esque.. I’ll just stride out in front of you from under the bed in which you were hoping to rest peacefully in.. Horrid big/little bugs!

This dude.. Skilfully captured and off outside thank you very much!! *big shudder… Euch*!

Hey there Mr and Mrs Cockroach… The door to our house is officially closed! *little extra involuntary shudder at the thought of any more invaders.. I swear they watch me when I sleep!*


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